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FMC cautions NSEL of misplacing ‘well & correct’ label as wavers on expense

Sirf PaisaHours subsequent to NSEL unsuccessful to convene its initial expense, commodity outlet controller FMC explosion off a memo to the bourse’s timber suggesting it hazard misplacing its “well and correct individual” position, and cautioned that in the occasion of such an “possibility” it could not carry on grasp directorship or investing in MCX or any other renowned commodity futures trade.
Anjani Sinha, MD & CEO, and six other executives of NSEL were exposed of their positions on Tuesday August 21, 2013 after the concerned bourse unsuccessful to apparent its initial expense, extending doubts that shareholders might search it difficult to recover their capital.
FMC cautioned that non-settlement of the exceptional commerce on NSEL gravely imitated on the board’s “reliability” and “reputation”, input constituents in meeting the well and correct principle for operating a trade.

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Should Indian finance Directors reveal possession?

A small number of would argument the significance of a fund director when it approaches to mutual finance assets. Here is a person who is delegated with the liability of directing shareholders’ dues. Certain, one anticipates him to have bear in the appearance of a forecaster squad and a venture procedure to direct him. But when it approaches to creating asset verdicts, he is frequently the initial between equivalents.

So what things do shareholders see at while appraising the finance director? The trail evidence i.e. recital of finances directed by him transversely outlet circumstances and time edges. Constancy is always an optimistic. Finance directors with a status of recurrent task vary is glared ahead. A recurrent modification in finance directors can obstruct the fund’s recital and in turn curse problem for shareholders. Finance director message can also provide imminent into his thought procedure and investment style.

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Gold close to one-month soar as dollar falls

Gold was selling near its largest in a month on Tuesday after profiting 3 percent the meeting before and shattering through key resistance at the USD 1,300 level.


A weaker dollar sustained bullion prices, but stricter Indian trade directions and continued outflows from exchange-traded gold hatital could hat profits.

Spot gold was down 0.08 per hundred at USD 1,334.01 an ounce by 0020 GMT, while US gold dropped USD 2.50 to USD 1,333.50.

Gold strike a one-month high of USD 1,338.91 on Monday, as speculators fearing a reversal of the latest downhill cost tendency hurried to purchase back bearish wagers.
Bullion charges have garnered support from government Reserve chief Ben Bernanke’s assurance last week that the US central bank would be careful in scaling back its USD 85 billion monthly bond purchases.

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Imperial baby disposal achievement


With several populaces hoping the influx of the Royal Baby, before now behind schedule, its increasing attention has considerable embarrassments for diminutive trade making or vending goods to provide to the advertise.  The Centre for Retail Research in the UK guesses that the nativity will improve linked-in retail sales by approximately £243 million. This outline tegument the nine weeks between 1 July 2013 to 31 August 2013.  In a latest detail, they affirmed that an enormous £400 million was exhausted on the imperial nuptials and anniversary monuments previous year. The anniversary revels alone evidenced a supplementary 250,000 tourist who exhausted £41.25 million.


For Indian companies delivering baby goods and monuments throughout the world, the universal similarity for the imperial baby means luminous occasions. Khalid Isar, Country General Manager at India provides these trades rapid guidelines to enhance their imperial baby memento disposals.



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No Kedarnath-Badrinath pilgrimage for three years, says official

Dehradun: Pilgrimage to the shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath in Uttarakhand will not be able to resume for three years due to the extensive damage caused by heavy rains and floods in the last few days.

According to officials of the two shrines, the two pilgrimage towns have been so badly devastated that there was nothing “but mud, devastation and death” around the highly revered temples visited by millions.

The chances of reviving the pilgrimage “for the next few years” was grim, chief executive Officer of the Badrinath-Kedarnath Temple Committee BD Singh told IANS.

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Evacuation in Uttarakhand will take long, it’s tedious, says IAF

Haridwar: 4:02 pm: Karnataka has set up a helpline for those looking for the people from the state stranded in Uttarakhand: 080-22253707. Police sources say an estimated 900 people from Karnataka including about 500 from Bangalore are travelling along the flood-ravaged regions of Uttarakhand.

3:28 pm: The Indian Air Force teams carrying out rescue operations and evacuations in Uttarakhand say the process is a tedious one and will be long before it’s over. At the moment, people are being evacuated from Kedarnath and being brought to a place where there is an Army camp or some scope of medicine and food.

3:10 pm: 5,000 guides and their animals that take pilgrims from Gaurikund to Kedarnath are missing. Authorities say rescue operations in the temple town will be over by Wednesday evening.

2:40 pm: The government has expressed concerns over people stranded in different parts of Uttarakhand. The Union Cabinet Secretary said 5,000 people were stranded in Badrinath and 3,000 in Dangi. He said medical aid is being provided and the NDRF and Army teams are helping in a big way in rescuing people. He also said more than 120 sorties are on the rescue mission.

Meanwhile, Uttarakhand Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna is expected to hold a press conference in Delhi on Wednesday.

1:54 pm: Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi have reached Dehradun for an aerial survey of the flood-affected areas of Uttarakhand.

1:40 pm: Sources in the Indian Air Force say 18 helicopters have been deployed for rescue operations. The Sarang aircraft has also been pressed into service. 580 people have been airlifted to safer areas so far and 4 tonnes of relief material has been air dropped, say sources.

1:09 pm: The Maharashtra government has decided to give Rs 10 crore to the flood-hit Uttarakhand.

12:54 pm: Seventeen helicopters have been pressed into service to rescue people in Uttarakhand. Sorties since Tuesday have been over 92, but more efforts are required. 580 people have been rescued while operations have taken place at Kedarnath, Gaurikund and Ukhimat.

12:50 pm: Army medical emergency helpline numbers: 18001805558, 18004190282, 8009833388

12:36 pm: The Kedarnath-Badrinath Committee chief, Ganesh Godiyal told CNN-IBN that the temple shrine was safe but everything else around the temple has been destroyed by the floods. He also said 20 temple staff members were missing.

12:16 pm: Over 5,000 people are missing in Gaurikund in Uttarakhand. The Kedarnath helipad has been damaged due to floods.

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Gold suffers second biggest fall this year plunges by Rs 600

New Delhi: Gold on Wednesday witnessed its second biggest loss this year of Rs 600 to Rs 27,300 per 10 grams due to reduced offtake amid weak global trend.

Gold suffers second biggest fall this year; plunges by Rs 600

Silver prices followed suit and dropped by a massive Rs 800 to Rs 44,700 per kg on reduced offtake by jewellers and industrial units.

Traders said hectic selling by stockists on the back of sluggish demand at prevailing higher levels and a steep fall in global markets, mainly pulled down both gold and silver prices.

This is gold’s second biggest fall this year since since April 15, when it had plunged by Rs 1,160 to Rs 26,640 per 10 grams.

Gold in London, which normally sets the price trend on the domestic front, dropped to three-week low as a stronger dollar curbed demand for an alternative investment and bullion holdings declined, also dampened the sentiment, they said.

Besides, shifting of funds from weakening bullion to rising equity also influenced the precious metals.

On the domestic front, gold of 99.9 and 99.5 per cent purity tumbled by Rs 600 each to Rs 27,300 and Rs 27,100 per 10 grams, respectively, after surging Rs 380 each in yesterday. Sovereigns, however, held steady at Rs 24,000 per piece of eight grams in scattered deals.

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Aarushi trial: An unseemly remark on the Talwars

As you approach Ghaziabad from Delhi, you pass Hindon. There’s an airbase there, and, possibly, north India’s most aromatic rubbish dump. You can see it from miles off, because there’s always a whirl of hawks and vultures above it.

Aarushi trial: An unseemly remark on the Talwars

On some days that circling flock multiplies manifold: the days when fresh carrion arrives. A 12-line Supreme Court order isn’t ‘fresh carrion’, but the flock of journalists who cover the Aarushi-Hemraj trial tore into just like those swooping circling birds over Hindon — except that they made a lot more noise.

News channels screamed that the Supreme Court had thrown the Talwars’ last, desperate bid to escape a conviction, and newspapers are likely to be no different.

Dr Rajesh and Nupur Talwar had approached the Supreme Court with a petition seeking a direction to the trial court to call upon 13 witnesses who they felt were crucial to their defence, but whom the prosecution had no intention of calling.

The Talwars did this because the trial judge dismissed their plea in Ghaziabad, and the Allahabad High Court is yet to take up petitions challenging the lower court’s orders that they have filed more than six months ago. Enough time to consign them to irrelevance: the trial court record has gone well past their expiry date.

Prosecution witnesses could have been challenged or confronted had Allahabad spared time for those petitions, but now the witnesses have come and gone — their cross-examinations are over.

Monday’s Supreme Court order said that the court was “not inclined” to entertain the Talwars’ petition. It granted them the liberty to approach the Allahabad High Court. Additionally, it said: “In case the matter is mentioned for being taken up out of turn, we request the High Court to consider it sympathetically.”

The Supreme Court wasn’t talking about the merit of the Talwar’s petition — to the extent whether the additional witnesses be called or not. It followed, as it usually does, the calibrated procedure of the justice system. The High Court had to be the Talwars’ first court of appeal, it said. And then it addressed a reality: the Allahabad High Court is notorious for its backlog.

The Supreme Court weighed this against the urgency of the Talwars’ petition and made a “request”. The Supreme Court does not make requests — every word that emerges from it is, for all practical purposes directive.

The trial court in Ghaziabad is proceeding at the pace it is because the Supreme Court used the word ‘expeditiously’ in an earlier order while granting Nupur Talwar bail. If anything, the Talwars can expect far better treatment in Allahabad post the “request”.

But for some reason, the order had the whiff of the walking dead to the vultures. The press (but not the cameras) was allowed into the Ghaziabad court freely for the first time, as prosecution counsel R.K. Saini broke into the language of the street.

The Talwars were asking for leave to approach the Allahabad High Court and Saini spat out his objection: ‘Kabhi yeh bhai ko bhejte hain, to kabhi baap ko…!”

Rajesh Talwar’s father passed away a decade ago. And earlier Supreme Court observations on the case did have a few lines about maintaining the ‘majesty of the court’ at all times. The Talwars will file an application pointing out the unseemly nature of Saini’s remarks. But it was quality vulture food.

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Book on Sri Lanka wins Regional Award for the Commonwealth Book Prize

Chennai: Debutant author Nayomi Munaweera’s Island of a Thousand Mirrors has won the Regional Award (Asia) for the Commonwealth Book Prize 2013.
 Book on Sri Lanka wins Regional Award for the Commonwealth Book PrizeIsland of a Thousand Mirrors is a story about two girls – one Sinhala, the other Tamil caught in the opposite sides of the long and brutal civil war in Sri Lanka. It takes us through their histories, sibling rivalries and adolescent heartbreaks, the burdens of exile and belonging, and the harsh demands of survival.
Nayomi said “I am absolutely delighted. When I was writing my novel I didn’t know if I’d ever even find a publisher for it. Indeed the entire process of writing and publishing it took a decade. I am also incredibly grateful for the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka, a small place, but one with many stories to share with the world.”
The other writers shortlisted from the region were Jeet Thayil, Jerry Pinto, Nilanjana Roy, Mishi Saran and Farhad Sorabjee Nayomi Munaweera was born in Sri Lanka and grew up in Nigeria.  She emigrated to the United States in her early teens. She lives in Oakland, California.

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Now, Sachin Tendulkar on gold coins

Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar was embossed in gold on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya on Monday.
A leading gold retail chain Valuemart Gold & Jewels Ltd. unveiled a limited edition ‘Sachin Tendulkar Gold Coin’ of 10 gm with his image embossed on it.

Sachin Tendulkar on gold coins

I have always enjoyed the time spent on the cricket field which has given me some of the most precious memories of my life. However, this occasion is a different golden moment of my life,’ Tendulkar said, while launching the gold coin. He has also entered into an association with Valuemart to promote a unique range of commemorative products involving use of his image, photos and log.

Valuemart is celebrating the many golden moments that Sachin has given us to cherish with these gold coins and is in many ways, a real tribute to the true legend of the game,’ said Valuemart managing director CK Vasudevan . Each Tendulkar gold coin is made from the finest 24-karat gold and manufactured at a Swiss Mint by Messrs. Valcambi s.a., a leading international gold refiner and manufacturer of gold bullion, bars and coins.

The coins are packed in a tamper-proof, blister packs with a certificate and carry the assayer’s signature and purity certificate guaranteeing its weight and purity. The 100000 limited coins shall be available at Rs 34000 per piece, online or through leading retailers in the country. A part of the proceeds from the sale of Sachin Tendulkar Gold Coins will be contributed to Valuemart’s new foundation, Golden Dreams, supporting underprivileged children across the country.

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